Foxmail like you've never seen it before.

Latest Version: Foxmail 7.2.15 (10-01-2020)



Foxmail 7.2.15 (New)2020-01-10

  1. New: Tags can be synced with Tencent Exmail
  2. Optimization: Optimized experience of receiving and sending emails
  3. Optimization: Fix some known bugs

Foxmail 7.2.14 2019-10-30

  1. New: Support for synchronizing mutiple calendars (only for ActiveSync protocol)
  2. Enhancement: Double-click mailbox to select the next unread mail
  3. Enhancement: Optimized sending and receiving mails experience
  4. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.13 2019-09-18

  1. Enhancement: Support for display of emoji in email content
  2. Enhancement: Support for pasting the contents of the Excel table as picture when compose email
  3. Enhancement: Meeting time supports daylight saving time
  4. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.12 2019-08-12

  1. New: Exchange account is compatible with Exchange Server 2016
  2. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.11 2019-05-31

  1. New: Support for creating a Tencent Exmail account by scanning the QR code via WeChat or mobile number verification
  2. Enhancement: Optimized sending and receiving mails experience
  3. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.9 2017-11-03

  1. New: Support for High DPI monitors
  2. New: You can send email message in Plain Text format
  3. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.8 2017-09-06

  1. New: You can search your calendar to find past and future events
  2. Enhancement: Optimized sending and receiving mails experience
  3. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.7 2015-06-03

  1. Enhancement: Optimized compatibility and stability
  2. Enhancement: Optimized sending and receiving mails experience
  3. Enhancement: Bug fixes

Foxmail 7.2.62014-12-01

  1. New: Import google calendar
  2. New: Support for CalDav calendars
  3. Enhancement: Optimized compatibility and stability
  4. Enhancement: Minor bug fixes

Foxmail 7.22014-01-23

  1. New: notepad plugin
  2. New: the new kernel brings smoother reading experience( What is WebKit ? )
  3. New: Imap and Exchange mail account supports search on the server
  4. New: filter junk mails with Foxmail anti - spam database (beta)
  5. New: show Exchange online archive
  6. New: import Foxmail 7.0 mail databases
  7. New: import mail archive files in .fox suffix
  8. New: set mail account to be inactive
  9. New: statistical functions of mail account
  10. New: N seconds to mark it as read after reading a mail
  11. New: add the specified folder to frequently used folders
  12. New: folders support automatically sorting
  13. New: filter supports inter - account transfer
  14. New: merge duplicate contacts, add alphabetical index, and recipient and sender match with the address book in the address module
  15. New: print calendars, display holidays, and use color to distinguish one account from other in the calendar module
  16. New: read in separate windows and web mode in the RSS module
  17. Enhancement: optimize fuzzy searches and search performance
  18. Enhancement: create and preview calendar transaction more convenient
  19. Enhancement: give hints while sending and receiving mails

Foxmail 7.1.32013-08-28

  1. New: Preview attachments content
  2. New: advanced search panel
  3. New: related mails & attachments sidebar
  4. New: Related Mail View for mail list
  5. New: customize toolbars
  6. New: customize Favorites folder
  7. New: modify message subject (Conversation Mode not supported)
  8. New: support for delay sending message 1 minute
  9. New: automatically Cc & Bcc
  10. New: automatically request read receipt
  11. New: customize Interface and message font size
  12. New: customize different signatures when reply and forward message
  13. New: show template list when compose, reply and forward message
  14. New: stick favorite recipients in address book sidebar
  15. New: set the default font color
  16. New: delete mails on the server when delete them in Trash box (POP3 only)
  17. Enhancement: Conversation View
  18. Enhancement: fuzzy matching receipts when compose message
  19. Enhancement: position of attachments
  20. Enhancement: "Detail" panel will keep the last active state
  21. Enhancement: support for the custom windows color in system
  22. Enhancement: support for sorting address by type
  23. Enhancement: support for rapidly locate address by keyboard