Foxmail now comes to the Mac.

Requirements: OS X 10.13 or later


*Note: ① Authorization is required to use extra large attachment.  ② Some features may require authorization granted by your Tencent Exmail accounts' admin.


Foxmail for Mac V1.5.6 (New)2021-12-13

  1. New: Log in to QQ Mail with QR code or password;
  2. Optimization: Expired meetings will not be displayed for newly created or logged-in accounts;
  3. Optimization: Fix some bugs;

Foxmail for Mac V1.5.42021-08-09

  1. New: You can manually add a personal contact;
  2. New: Tencent Exmail users can create personal email groups;
  3. Optimization: Fix some known bugs;

Foxmail for Mac V1.5.22021-05-19

  1. New: Quickly create a Tencent Exmail account by scanning a QR code with WeChat;
  2. New: Add tags for emails;
  3. New: Create multi-level folders;

Foxmail for Mac V1.5.02021-03-01

  1. New: Calendar. You can create new events, add event reminders, etc;

Foxmail for Mac V1.4.32020-11-19

  1. New: Added support for individual sending;
  2. New: Added support for regular schedule sending;
  3. New: Added support for setting mail priority;
  4. New: Added support for mail list sorting;
  5. New: Added support for setting the "display name" of the account;
  6. Optimization: The sender information is available in emails sent on the behalf;
  7. Optimization: Added support for displaying the member information of email groups (for Tencent Exmail and Exchange accounts);
  8. Optimization: If you hide the folder, the total number of unread messages of the folder can be displayed;
  9. Optimization: Optimized some visual displays;

Foxmail for Mac V1.4.02020-08-27

  1. Optimization: The new interface design looks fresh and concise;
  2. Optimization: Multiple emails are supported at the same time, eliminating the hassle of switching;

Foxmail for Mac V1.3.22020-03-17

  1. New: Withdraw emails in Tencent Exmail and QQ Mail;
  2. Optimization: Optimized sending and receiving mails experience;
  3. Optimization: Bug fixes;

Foxmail for Mac V1.3.12019-10-30

  1. Optimization: Optimized sending and receiving mails experience;
  2. Optimization: Bug fixes;

Foxmail for Mac V1.2.12019-09-05

  1. Optimization: Improve Foxmail compatibillity and support for 64-bit systems;
  2. Optimization: Bug fixes;

Foxmail for Mac V1.22013-09-26

  1. New: Support extra large attachment;
  2. New: Support QQ group message;
  3. New: Support Tencent Exmail's enterprise contacts;
  4. New: Support Tencent Exmail's enterprise cloud disk;
  5. New: You can disable 'View messages by conversation' function;
  6. New: Mail Attachments and body is downloaded separately;
  7. New: Support draft for Gmail;
  8. New: Support 'Move to' function for Gmail;
  9. New: Acquire contacts automatically for Gmail;
  10. New: Support Gmail shortcuts;
  11. New: Support groups from system contacts and corresponding portraits;
  12. New: List for unread messages;
  13. New: Support paste and match destination format;
  14. New: Support local import for .pst format messages;
  15. Optimization: Import messages under POP protocol;
  16. Optimization: Support sever side deletion after receiving messages under POP protocol;
  17. Optimization: Better logic for contacts matching;
  18. Optimization: Enhanced advance search in search box;
  19. Optimization: No more new message notifications from spam;
  20. Fix: Format loss when pasting table from Excel.

Foxmail for Mac V1.12013-05-27

  1. New: Sponsor and organize meetings;
  2. New: Import/Export messages(support .eml & .mbox format);
  3. New: Auto complete email address(from Mail/Tencent Business Mail);
  4. New: Push notification for new messages(support QQ mail, Tencent Business Mail and Gmail);
  5. New: Label list for Gmail;
  6. New: Request read receipt for messages;
  7. New: Set proxy server for sending and receiving messages;
  8. New: Support notification for OS X 10.8 and later;
  9. New: Set cache time for local mail;
  10. New: Search messages on Exchange server;
  11. New: Resize the picture you've inserted;
  12. New: Insert emoticons;
  13. New: Open file in eml format;
  14. New: Swipe left or right in dependent message read window to switch message;
  15. New: Customize your shortcuts for frequently used functions;
  16. Enhancement: Improved performance of scroll bar in mail list;
  17. Enhancement: Keep a copy of messages that you send in the "Sent" box;
  18. Enhancement: Switch between mail accounts using shortcuts;
  19. Fixed: Fixed an issue where message was lost after sending message;
  20. Fixed: Fixed an issue where sometimes message could not be sent in some Exchange account;
  21. Fixed: Fixed issues where some account could not be configured successfully;
  22. Fixed: Fixed issues where new messages could not be received in some account.